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Moyock F&R answers commissioner's call
The Daily Advance (Date Unknown)

It was Moyock Fire and Rescue Department that got called on the carpet last week, but really it's the nature of the beast that's causing the problems.

That beast is growth. And a system not designed to handle it.

Phone lines lit up when a legal ad showed up in the newspaper announcing a public hearing by Moyock Fire and Rescue about a new fire truck for that department, and county officials, who had already met with all the fire and rescue departments about their budgets, realized they knew nothing about the new truck. Although there was a public hearing to comply with the financing terms, the new truck deal had already been struck before the hearing.

"I'm sick and tired of the fire department burdening people...with new fire trucks," commented commissioner Gene Gregory during last week's Board of Commissioners' meeting. Gergory went on to suggest that most of the department's budget should go for emergency medical service and only what's legally needed spent on lesser used fire protection.

"All we see is the bill...then you ask for more money for the things you go out and buy," Gregory said, adding, "This is the poorest system I've ever heard of."

Gregory, who said the problem is with all the departments not just Moyock, complained that the departments spend money on expensive fire equipment, then come to the commissioners at budget time for money to pay off equipment the commissioners may not see a need for - ultimately placing the burden for repayment on the tax payers of the district.

"It bothers me seeing departments use big money to go out and buy shiney new trucks, and the fire station is burning down around them," Gregory commented.

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