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Realtors give fire department smoke detectors
The Daily Advance (Unknown Date)

"A lot of people think that they will wake up if there is a fire at night. The fact is, you go into a deeper sleep and you might never wake up," said Robert Parker, assistant fire chief of Moyock Fire Department.

"This is due to carbon monoxide and other gases and smoke," said Parker who is also head of the Fire Prevention Bureau in the department.

This week, Greg Gregory of Hall and Nixon Realty and 1996 vice-president of the Albemarle Area Association of Realtors presented the Moyock Fire Department 16 smoke detectors from the board.

"This was a project of the board of realtors," said Gregory. "Since I live in Currituck, I wanted to get them for my county. Money for the detectors came from donations by the realtor members," Gregory said.

On hand to receive the smoke detectors from Gregory were Parker, Chief Jeff Overman and Lt. Clifford Ruetsch of the Moyock Fire Department.

This is the second year that realtors have donated smoke detectors. Last year the Elizabeth City Fire Depeartment received detectors, according to Gregory.

"This smoke detection program is very important," said Parker. "A lot of people don't give the private sector enough credit for their compassion. Mr. Gregory and the board of realtors prove that the private sector does have a heart. This is a very generous donation."

The current building code for new constructions requires smoke detectors, according to Gregory. When asked about other homes on the realty market, Gregory said, "I have not seen older homes without smoke detectors."

The smoke dtectors use a 9 volt battery which costs approximately $1.39, according to Parker. Thsi device could probably save a life. Most people are learning the importance of having the smoke detectors in the home. Programs for children are conducted by the fire department in the schools. However, it is sometimes hard to convince older people about the importance of the smoke detectors, said Parker.

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