Moyock Fire Department
To Serve and Protect
Proudly serving Moyock since 1961.

MFD Information
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Our History:
This section will give you a comprehensive story, if you will, of how we've come to be who we are. Read about the history of Moyock Fire Department and our journey to the present day.

Our Mission:
Simply put, this will show you what our current mission statement is as well as what it means to us.

Our Future:
Our future will give you some insight as far as where we would like to go in the future. Apparatus, facilities, personnel, training and more. Here we will offer up some predictions on the future of Moyock and the future of Currituck County.

Our Facility:
Take a photographic tour of our facility and where it is located.

Our Apparatus:
See our apparatus and their specifications.

Our Personnel:
Our operational and administrative officers.

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Moyock Fire Department * P.O. Box 81 * 108 Fire Station Court * Moyock, NC 27958
252.435.2281 * Fax: 252.435.6450 *