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Our Past
The History of the Moyock Fire Department
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1960's - 1980's
In 1961 the Moyock Fire Department, for a sum of $10.00 purchased its first plot of land on Puddin' Ridge Road (from the Creekmore, Powers and Winslow families) and began providing the Moyock Township with basic fire services. The original corporate charter was filed with the state of North Carolina in 1962* and, over the following five years, the founding members of the department raised money for apparatus and equipment.

In 1967* Moyock Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad, Inc. opened the doors to its building for the first time, ushering in a new age of public service in Moyock. Running one* ambulance and one* fire engine out of a small building on Puddin' Ridge Road. In 1983 the Fire Department purchased a second plot of land, again for the sum of $10.00, and expanded its property holdings to the land you see today at the corner of Puddin' Ridge Road and Tulls Creek Road.

In the early 1990's Currituck County, at the request of a concerned group of citizens, began the migration of the Emergency Medical Services (EMS). Beginning with 10 hour coverage, the EMS system in Currituck County began its migration to paid coverage. For 10 hours each day, Moyock was covered by EMS personnel financed by Currituck County.

Following a series of events, climaxing with one news-worthy event, Currituck County offered to finance 24-hour paid EMS coverage. Moyock Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad, Inc., after consideration for the welfare of the citizens of Moyock, agreed. The population of Moyock moved into a unique position in Currituck County (being the first group of citizens covered by 24-hour paid EMS.

For the next 5 years or so Moyock was the only area in Currituck County covered by 24-hour paid EMS. As time progressed, the rest of the districts in Currituck County slowly migrated to 24-hour paid coverage.

During the 1990's Moyock also underwent an internal that would eventually lead to the Moyock Fire Department becoming the most highly training volunteer department in the region. In the late 1990's Austin L. "Dusty" Ruscoe was voted to the Chief's position by the general body of the Moyock Fire Department. Under Chief Ruscoe, Moyock began an agressive training campaign; a campaign that continues to this day and has resulted in nearly 100 volunteer fire fighters (from Moyock and surrounding departments) acquiring their nationally recognized IFSAC (International Fire Service Accreditation Congress) certifications.

21st Century
Beginning in January of 2004, Moyock launched what would become an annual fire academy. Each year Moyock has provided the entire IFSAC Fire Fighter I, Fire Fighter II, Hazardous Materials Awareness and Hazardous Materials Operations training program. In 2004, 10 students made their way through the training program. In the last year Moyock headed up the program (2007, in 2008 Moyock Fire Academy was renamed to Northeast North Carolina Fire Academy and the leadership and coordination became independent of Moyock Fire Department), 19 students graduated.

With each passing year has come an increase in the number of emergency calls that Moyock Fire Department responds to. With the increase in the number of calls has come an increase in the diversity call types. As a result of this diversity, Moyock, through the years, has continued to increase our ability to handle new and challenging responses.

Ultimately, what began with 5 years of fundraising, one fire engine and one ambulance, has resulted in one of the most highly training, highly diverse and most professional fire departments in Northeastern North Carolina. In 2007 Moyock Fire Department's dedication to professionalism became absolutely evident to the citizens it protects when two things happened: first, Moyock Fire Department's ISO rating was dropped from a 9S to a 7; second, Moyock Fire Department submitted a request to Currituck County to begin 24-hour paid coverage of fire services.

The reduction in ISO rating is a department advance that benefits the citizens of Moyock. This benefit is realized through a sizeable reduction in homeowner's insurance premiums.

The request for 24-hour paid fire fighters submitted to Currituck County by Moyock Fire Department was/is simply the next progression in providing the absolute best fire protection possible to the citizens of Moyock. By advancing to a paid system, a faster response is provided to the citizens of Moyock, resulting in a greater possibility that personal possesions are saved. Along with a faster response is the possibility of an additional drop in ISO rating, further saving property owner's money.

The jury is still out on Moyock's progression to a paid fire service. Currently, the Currituck County Fire & EMS Advisory Board is debating the subject. Soon this period of transition will be a part of the history of Moyock; hopefully with the progression well on its way to a 24-hour paid fire service.

Even after the Currituck County Fire & EMS Advisory Board makes its finally determination on the future of paid fire service in Moyock, we will continue to train and work hard to protect you, your loved ones and your property.

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*The original land purchase is on file with the Currituck County Registrar of Deeds. The original charter dates and apparatus puchase dates have yet to be confirmed and refined.

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