Moyock Fire Department
To Serve and Protect
Proudly serving Moyock since 1961.

Since 1961 Moyock has been protected by the dedicated members of the Moyock Fire Department. With the growth of Moyock has come the growth of the Moyock Fire Department. With each passing year we strive to provide prompt and professional service to the citzens we have pledged to protect.

While Moyock began as a small agricultural community 200+ years ago, and as recently as 5 years ago was characterized as a suburb of the Tidewater Virginia Area, it is now playing host to a boom in commercial and industrial development. Even with this boom Moyock has maintained the "small-town" feel that makes it a warm and inviting place to call home. As such, Moyock Fire Department continues to maintain a close bond with the citizens of Moyock.

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Moyock Fire Department * 108 Fire Station Court * Moyock, NC 27958
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